Best Acne Treatments that Worked for Me

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There are a lot of ways people suggest for how to cure pimples. I personally have only found a couple things that have helped me in my quest to get clear skin.

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Benzoyl Peroxide is a common of the shelf treatment for pimples that people use. I’ve only had mixed success with this product, but I do know some people use it. Be warned that your skin dries out.

Another thing you can to do help prevent pimples is to wash your face twice a day with some mild acne soap. In my experience, this, beside the Acne Free in 3 Days Program was the most effective thing I tried. It wasn’t enough to get rid of my pimples, but I did notice some small improvements – so I suggest if you guys want to prevent acne breakouts, you make a point of washing your face twice a day.

It can also help to exfoliate your skin as well, but only do this once a week. And don’t exfoliate too hard!! It’s pretty easy to irritate your pimples if you are not careful here.

There are other acne medications out there, but non of them worked for me. I do know some people who have found success with some of the off the shelf medications. Each person may have a different way how to get rid of acne. I can tell you right now that most medications don’t work – so be wary. I don’t suggest you buy acne medications on a whim – I did and I ended up wasting a lot of money of cystic acne treatments that did nothing but irritate my skin.

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